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        為了減少“物品未送達”糾紛對帳戶的影響,我們建議賣家儘量使用帶有全程跟蹤的物流方式, 或積極主動聯繫買家,告知買家目前加拿大路向物流存在的問題。



Message template for seller sending to buyer

Dear Customer,

        Thank you for the purchase! We are writing this message to inform you of the current Asia to Canada shipping issues.

Please note:

        1.Canada Post has reduced its number of staff handling parcel inspection, while the volume of import parcels is increasing, resulting in severe mail backlog.

        2.Starting from Aug, 2015, Canada Post turned off all destination tracking events for Registered Airmail which leaves the sellers unable to track the logistic details.

        As always, we make efforts to ensure your parcel will be processed within promised handing time. However, we apologize for any inconvenience due to the post office and custom issues.  We appreciate your patience and understanding.

eBay Seller